To make the perfect cup of chai we start with great ingredients.

Tea Leaves

Our black tea comes from a woman-run, award-winning tea estate in Assam, India. This tea company is committed to community building and environmental protection. They encourage organic practices, biodiversity and an environmental sustainability zero waste policy. 


The sweet nectar that sets our concentrate apart is sourced locally from Good Flow Honey. Good Flow is a family-owned business in southeast Austin. After 40 years in the business, their bees are happy and healthy.


That spicy kick that makes chai, well, chai, is also sourced from India. By cold-pressing the juice we make sure that we get the most out of every ginger root and that your concentrate stays spicy. 

Spice Blend

We use whole spices and grind them by hand before every batch brewing. Cardamom, cinnamon sticks, black pepper and cloves form the base for our bold and flavorful brew.