We Believe

We believe that this will be your new favorite chai because of our beliefs.

We Believe:

  • We can build a better food system. By working directly with farmers to build our product, we're able to put our money where our mouth is. We source our ingredients from small farms that use regenerative and organic growing methods. By selling at local farmers markets, we are building relationships and sharing our love of local foods. 
  • Farmers are the backbone of our food system. Without the hard work done by millions of workers, we wouldn't have any of the food or beverages we enjoy. By direct trading, we know that our farmers are receiving a fair wage and that the farms we buy from are giving back to their community. 
  • Our food system- like life- is cyclical. After brewing, we compost all of our spent ingredients to divert waste from landfills and help regenerate our soil. We're paying attention to where our spices come from, how they’re grown, and who farms them to make sure we're giving back as much as we're getting. 
  • Women will change the world. That is all.